I design from the heart and no matter the creative endeavor, my purpose is to always bring joy and a moment of stillness to the recipient.

I designed the mini weathervanes 25+ years ago and they were my introduction to creating for the public sector. I learned back then that I like bold simple shapes accented with a bit of detail and whimsy.

To this day, the mini vanes

hold a special place in my

heart and they continue to

do their job of spreading joy.

For many years, I have explored the idea of creating jewelry, specifically earrings, but I couldn’t quite ignite the fire. Then 2020 happened. To prevent going insane, I began my jewelry journey.

The only metal material I had available during lock-down were old tin cans. Recycled and super light weight - perfect! With my tin snips I hand-cut each earring piece. It was quite therapeutic and I enjoyed the casual incongruities of the pieces. With a little paint, I brought forward the color I needed. Then the freshly painted pieces underwent creating intentional imperfections and each earring piece took on its own uniqueness. The beginnings of my Dangle Collection took shape -- bold, expressive and fun. I view them as little jet-packs - once applied, they lift your spirits.

Enjoy the little things in life.

Katie McConnell