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About Us

Hi, I'm Katie McConnell...the creator/owner behind Wild Bunch Studio - a crazy little seaside design studio on Cape Cod.

THE CREATIVE HURDLE - I love being creative but it's not all cozying up to a sketch pad with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Just sayin... Forever I have chased a self-imposed idea of what successful creativity looks like.  Somehow it was BIG and looming, always had hurdles and whatever I created needed to be functional. Not sure why, it just did.  And so I labored under this idea for so very long as I dragged myself down the creative path often kicking and screaming.

AND MOM SAID - Then finally it hit me and not too long ago. I was reminiscing with my 92-year old mom about an ornament I designed some twenty years ago that had no significant function but to just be. "It made me smile" mom said. And then her smile lingered.

MY AH HA! MOMENT - Finally that light-bulb turned on - it's Ok to design simply to make people smile. Because a smile can shift energy deep within and totally change a person's day.

So there it is. So simple but so essential to daily life. I design to create happiness - products that evoke a smile. Now that's a good kind of BIG!